Woofers offers private, one to one dog training sessions and behavioural consults with clients using humane, force free and scientific training methods.



Woofers offers kennel free boarding in a home environment



My name is Bren Axon and it's fair to say that  I am passionate about dogs! I've had  30 years' experience with dogs, mostly larger breeds.  

My husband and I emigrated to Canada from the UK in 2006. Before that I worked in law offices for over 25 years and was also a Magistrate presiding in the Criminal and Family Courts.


I was involved with the RSPCA for many years with experience of the day to day running of a busy branch which included  the rehoming of dogs and cats in our care. I also served the RSPCA at Regional Board level.  


When we emigrated to  Canada my life changed! Moving allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream; to work with dogs and become a certified dog trainer.


I graduated with Honours from the Animal Behaviour College in 2010.


I am a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild, a well known international organisation that promotes positive and humane methods of dog training and handling. I am also a member of the Pet Professional Network an organisation supporting force free pet professionals around the world.


I am constantly updating my knowledge about dogs and dog behaviour as well as attending seminars and workshops  in order to further my understanding of our canine companions and offer my clients the best service that I can.


My husband and I currently share our lives with  two Leonbergers, Juno and Bella.


I  have shown Juno, my youngest dog in conformation and have undertaken  competitive Rally Obedience with her.    In 2018 Juno  acquired her Canine Good Neighbour certificate with the Canadian Kennel Club.


I am based in Brentwood Bay, Victoria BC and my services cover the greater Victoria area


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Kennel Free Boarding

Woofers offers boarding for your dog in our home. Your dog will be loved and cherished as if he or she were our own and live as part of our family. My goal is to remove any stress that you and your dog may feel at having to be apart. I want your dog to feel happy and relaxed and I want you to feel secure in knowing that your dog is being cared for in a loving, experienced and knowledgeable environment while you are away.

I cover the greater Victoria area and for a small fee can arrange to collect or deliver your dog for you if it's more convenient

I only take a small number of boarding dogs at any one time.

If you are interested in using my boarding services, I will ask you to visit me with your dog for a short, no obligation pre boarding visit so that you can meet me and see where your dog will be staying.  I will also at that time  assess your dog to see whether I feel your pet will fit in and be comfortable in our home.   If all goes well, I will ask you to bring your dog back and leave him/her with me  (usually 3 or 4 hours) so that I can introduce the dog to my own dogs. 


I never agree to board a dog without a pre boarding visit.  This is a matter of safety for the prospective boarder and for other dogs in the house. This policy is written in stone and I never deviate from it. 

All dogs must be sociable towards other dogs and humans, with no issues in regard to either.

Unfortunately, I do not board  un-neutered adult males, dogs who are prone to barking,  or any dog that has a bite history. 


I am based in Brentwood Bay which is a short hop from BC Ferry Terminal and Victoria Airport.


$40 per day for a single dog

$70 per day for two dogs of the same family


Humane, force free and science based

Does your dog lack manners, basic skills or pulls on leash?


Perhaps your dog barks and lunges at other dogs on leash making you dread taking him or her for a walk? 


Have you have acquired a rescue dog and are struggling with behavioural issues since he or she joined your family?


I can  show you how to teach your dog those basic skills and manners, along with teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash.

I can also help you with the common behaviour issues that are sometimes experienced with puppies and adult dogs


I use modern, humane force free training methods that are based in science and I will never suggest that you use a choke, prong or shock collar on your dog.


Modern, educated dog trainers never need to use these tools which dozens of scientific studies  have shown to be detrimental to a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.  You can be assured that  I will never ask you to jerk on your dog’s leash or use pain or intimidation to train your dog.   


Force free training is about giving your dog a choice and setting him or her up for success while he or she is learning.  We use rewards to encourage your dog to learn; it could be food, a toy, or praise.  It is the dog that decides what he or she finds rewarding, not us!


Woofers offers private training for you and your dog to suit your schedule. This is ideal for clients who have busy lives and can't commit to a fixed training class regime or for dogs who have behavioural issues that make them ineligible for group classes.

I will meet with you at your home, at a time that is most convenient to you, even at weekends.


I cover the greater Victoria area.


Please contact me for details of fees.


Please click on the PDF document  below  to see details of my education related to dog behaviour and training



"The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to its level of sagacity, but man has frequently dragged the dog down to his"

James Thurber




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