Positive Dog  Training  and 
Behaviour Consulting
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So many of us have dogs in our lives!  They give us joy, companionship and unconditional love.  If we are feeling low, they can provide comfort and make us feel  better, just by being there.  Those of us who are dog lovers could not imagine life without a waggy tail to greet us when we wake in the morning, or when we come home. 

Sometimes though, dog owners need help with their dogs either because there's a behaviour issue that has cropped up that they aren't sure how to deal with, or they just need their puppy or older dog to behave a little better and have some manners. 

I offer behaviour consults on a one to one basis if you have a dog with behaviour issues.  My sole focus is on you and we can meet at a time and on a day that suits your  busy schedule.

I offer classes for puppies and older dogs in person with a maximum of 6 students, at a venue in Brentwood Bay. If it's easier for you, we can arrange those classes privately at a time and a day that suits you.  I am happy to offer classes online as well.


Where you and your dog will always be treated with kindness and respect

Behaviour Consulting

Could your walks together be best described as you wrestling with your dog on the leash while he lunges and barks at other dogs or people he sees, bringing out his inner Cujo?  


Do moving objects send him in to a barking lunging frenzy?

Maybe your dog is convinced he was a sled dog in a past life and feels obliged to drag you down the street because well, walking nicely on leash is something you haven't gotten around to teaching him or you don't have a clue how?

Perhaps you no longer let your dog off leash because you can’t get him to come back to you.  Are his favourite games "Keep Away" or "Sorry, I Can't Hear You"? 


Do you keep him on leash now because you got tired of screaming at the top of your voice "FLUFFY COME HERE OR ELSE!!!!" for half

an hour or more, before Fluffy got bored and came back?

Could your state of mind be described as

"At. The. End. Of. Your. Tether"?

If you can identify with any of the above, then Woofers is here to help you!

I can be perfectly honest and say before I became a trainer, I had been through all of the above myself! I can remember feeling sometimes that "having a dog isn't supposed to be like this" and feeling only dread at the thought of  taking

the dog for a walk.  I remember the judgmental looks from other people and the times when they felt the need to make a "helpful comment ".  I remember only too well how stressful it all was.


Because I've been there, done that, I can empathise with your struggles and the stress it causes! My goal is to help you with those behaviour issues and hopefully help to alleviate

the stress it's causing you. 

Training Classes

Woofers is currently offering 3 different training options for clients.

PUPPY 101!

I can offer you a one off session with me privately that I call Puppy 101!  

Getting a puppy? 

You're excited!


Been a long time since you had a puppy?

Maybe you're worried?


Is this is your first time with a puppy, and  you need to know what to expect, what to have available for your puppy when you get he or she home, how to manage kids and puppy, how to get housetraining started?  


Maybe you've had a puppy before but it was a long time ago and you just want to be reminded about housetraining and all the stuff you are going to need to acquire, or do before and just after you get your puppy. 


This one hour or so private video session with me can answer all those questions that you need to ask so you can feel prepared once puppy arrives!


I'm offering  two levels of a course I call Pup Essentials. You have a choice of how to do each course.

In Person in a group

In person group classes at a venue in Brentwood Bay with a maximum of 6 dogs, with a maximum of two handlers per dog allowed in order to comply with the current restrictions concerning Covid. You will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.


With you as my only focus, at a time and place convenient to  you. To comply with current Covid restrictions we will work outside wearing masks and practising social distancing in your yard, or mine, or perhaps out in the neighbourhood.


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