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These behaviour packages consist of private sessions which are designed for you to undertake at times which fit in with YOUR schedule I offer a no obligation, free 20 minute phone call in order to discuss the issues you are having with your dog before you make any decision to hire me. You can schedule this by appointment from my "contact" page.

You can have a one off session with me if you have an issue you want to discuss which might be easily resolved. 

The cost of a one off session is $125


A one off session (or our initial session if you are buying a package) is usually in person and at your home.That session can last for up to an hour and a half. If you buy a package, then our initial meeting will be when I take a history and we discuss your dog's issues and together work out a plan for how to resolve them.  At our initial meeting I will usually give you  some exercises to practice with your dog to prepare you both for when we meet again. Our next sessions will be working, usually outside in a real world situation but this depends on your dog, and the issues involved.The working sessions will last from between 45 to 60 minutes. 


Below are three packages I've put together for some of the most common problems my clients experience.


If you buy a package, then the cost per session is reduced. If your main issue is mentioned here, AND you have a secondary issue that you need help with, we may be able to deal with both within that package to save costs for you.   I am happy to discuss this!

I can of course, also tailor a package to suit you for a behaviour issue that is not covered below.  The only behaviour issues that I don't deal with are those of serious aggression towards humans in dogs who have a bite history. However, I am more than happy to recommend  a trusted colleague to you who can help.

Behaviour Consulting


This package is for clients who have dogs experiencing leash reactivity.

The majority of problems associated with reactivity on leash are associated with a dog experiencing fear and anxiety, sometimes frustration.

My goal in working with you is to change your dog's emotional responses to the things that trigger the reactive behaviour, whether it's because of fear or frustration, so you and your dog can leave the stress behind and both enjoy walking together!


Does your dog drag you along at the end of the leash? Do you feel as if your dog is going for a walk and you're just along for the ride?  Not much fun, is it? Being a puller may result in injury to the dog and injury to you.  With this package, let me show you how to teach your dog to listen to you better and walk nicely on the leash.  Let's make walks pleasant again!

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Having a dog with no recall is like a game of chance.  Every time you let him off leash you are  betting what the odds are of your dog coming back when you call! You might  be there a long time pleading in quiet(sometimes loud) desperation for Fluffy to come back so you can go home. It can be stressful and exhausting.   With this package, let's teach your dog to come back when you call! No more betting on the odds.  You will know that he'll come back every time!

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