Training Classes

Group classes are in partnership with the Panorama Recreation Centre,

and are held in Brentwood  Bay

Each block of classes lasts for six weeks.

Classes include:

Wait, Stay, Walking on Leash, Come When Called, Leave It, Focus, Targetting

Registration is now open for classes in January and February!

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Woofers offers Puppy 101  for those of you who are planning to bring a puppy into your family (details below) which is a one-off private one to one session.


I also offer Pup Essentials  group training classes (details below).  Some clients prefer group classes because of the socialisation aspect for their dog.  These are small classes with only 6 students in a class and they run for 6 weeks.


Woofers’ Pup Essentials group training class curriculum can be taken as PRIVATE lessons if you wish!  The advantage  of taking them privately is they can be taken with me at times which fit in with YOUR schedule.  This also means you and your dog are my sole focus during our lessons. Cost: $285.00



Getting a new puppy and it’s the first time? You’re excited!

 Getting a puppy, but the last puppy you had was some years ago now?  You’re worrying!

 Be excited and don’t worry! I'm here to help!

 Clients usually have a lot of questions when they are about to bring a new pup home.

"what's the first thing we should do once we are home?"

"should we use a crate or xpen?"

"what if puppy cries in the night?"

"how do I start housetraining?"

"What about socialising puppy?"

"how soon do we start training?"

"how do we manage a puppy with the children"


I can help you with all of those and more besides!


I’m offering you a one off session with me  which will cover all those things you are going to need to think about before you get puppy home, and what you are going to have to deal with as soon as puppy arrives. 


PLUS you get email and phone support for 4 weeks after our  session.

COST:  $130.00

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Pup Essentials classes are for dogs starting from age 10 weeks and aimed at teaching your pup or older dog basic manners which will help your dog to become a well behaved member of the family.


How we deal with our puppy in those first few months with us can be crucial to our pup’s future development.  Teaching your pup how to focus on you when asked, impulse control (wait,or stay) how to walk nicely on leash and various other behaviours will help your pup listen to you better and help to strengthen your relationship.  All of the classes in this course are aimed at creating a closer bond between you and your dog and helps your dog to develop better listening skills.   


If you adopt a dog from a rescue organisation, then it’s possible your new family member may not have had any previous training experience. These classes are suitable for older dogs with no previous training and can certainly help you and your rehomed or rescue dog with relationship building while they are settling into their  new home. 

If you have a young dog who is going through the "terrible teens" where they suddenly stop listening and forget any training they have previously had, then going back to basics can help you and your dog get back on track.  This class can help you do just that. 


At the first class, group class students receive a ring binder and at the end of each class will receive a detailed handout to place in it explaining the exercise that week, along with a video link showing how to teach it. By the end of six weeks this will become a training manual of 40 + pages that you can refer to when needed!


PLUS you get email and phone support while attending classes and for 4 weeks after the classes finish.

COST:  $190.00