Mission Statement



Woofers’ mission is to spread the word about science based, force free training to as many people as possible by the practice of force free training and education of the public as to what force free training is all about. I do this via my Woofers facebook page and my website.  I run several dog related facebook groups on which I also spread the message about force free training whenever it's appropriate.  I’m a member of some force free trainer forums that members of the public can join, and I am happy to offer explanations in those forums as to why science based training works and is preferable.  


My mission is to explain why it is not desirable to use punishment based training and the fall out that this can cause, especially if the punishment is severe, for example in the case of using a prong or shock collar, or hurting the dog physically in other ways to get him to comply. I want help people to understand why using punishment on an aggressive dog is liable to make the behaviour worse and not better.


I can do this by explaining the science of dog training, and providing links to scientific research papers and published articles by acknowledged animal behaviour experts. These include Veterinary bodies and various animal centred organisations,  all of which show that using punishment to train dogs is damaging to a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing and the relationship between dog and owner. That furthermore, it is unnecessary and cruel.


Woofers’ mission is to help clients better understand their dogs’ behaviour by together, looking at the reasons for it, and helping the client understand  why it’s happening. For example, reactive dogs are nearly always frightened anxious dogs. They aren’t “bad aggressive dogs” as clients sometimes feel they are. There is normally a cause for the behaviour; something that has happened to the dog in the past to make him afraid.  Together, the client and I can work out what that may have been, and together we can then help the dog by changing his emotional response to what is causing his anxiety.  

My job is also to help my clients with  the anxiety and stress they have been feeling by empowering them with the knowledge of how to resolve the behaviour and prevent future problems.